Lazer is een van oorsprong Belgische fabrikant van fietshelmen. Door de overname door Shimano werd dit merk in enen explosief groot. Eigenlijk hebben ze voor ieder wat wils in hun gamma, zowel duur als goedkoop, MTB of Race, maar ook commuter of kids.
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Our story

Cycling is almost synonymous with Flanders. The cobbled roads, tight turns and small towns the races take place on are what make it so great. It is here, in the heart of cycling and classic races, that Lazer helmets comes to life.

In 1919 Henri Van Lerberghe won the Tour of Flanders by riding solo from start to finish. Before entering the Velodrome in Gent, he stopped and had a few beers. Afterwards on the podium he encouraged the people to go home, because he was a half day in front of the peloton anyway. In that same year Lazer was founded, and just like Henri, we are at the front of the race. Leading the industry in innovation, design, safety and technology. Back when we started helmets were nothing like today, they were leather caps used by men riding steel bikes over the cobbled country roads of Belgium. The difference with the lightweight, adjustable, well ventilated and stylish helmets of today couldn’t be bigger. We carried our heritage from then through the years to create the sophisticated products of today. Our products are the result of almost 100 years of experience, passion and dedication. We are always trying to create the perfect blend of design, comfort, safety and technology. All of our products are designed in Belgium and are available in more then 50 countries. But we have never forgotten our roots, we still ride our products over cobbled farm roads and just like then, we strive to innovate improve and create what we ourselves would want to use. Lazer is passion, performance and the joy of riding.

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