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bout Finish Line™ The Beginning… “Develop premium quality and performance-enhancing bicycle lubricants. Formulate them with ingredients that respect the environment. Market them honestly. Price them fairly." This was the mission statement upon which Finish Line™ was launched and the one that continues to guide Finish Line today. Back in 1988, the availability of technically advanced bicycle lubricants that enhanced the performance of sophisticated multi-geared drivetrains was extremely limited. Household lubricants simply did not address the lubrication requirements that were specific to bicycles and the wide range of conditions in which they were used. In March of 1988 Henry (Hank) Krause, fresh out of the ranks of Mobil Corporation, founded Finish Line Technologies, Inc.
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  1. Finish Line 1 Step Clean & Lube
    Finish Line 1 Step Clean & Lube
    Vanaf € 11,95
  2. Finish Line Ceramic Wax smeermiddel
    Finish Line Ceramic Wax smeermiddel
    Vanaf € 4,90
  3. Finish Line Ceramic Wet Wax smeermiddel
    Finish Line Ceramic Wet Wax smeermiddel
    Vanaf € 4,90
  4. Finish Line fiber grip
    Finish Line fiber grip
    Vanaf € 9,35
  5. Finish Line teflon vet
    Finish Line teflon vet
    Vanaf € 28,95
  6. Finish Line Wax smeermiddel
    Finish Line Wax smeermiddel
    Vanaf € 3,90
  7. Finish Line Wet crosssmeermiddel
    Finish Line Wet crosssmeermiddel
    Vanaf € 12,29
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