Assos Mille GT Ultraz Winter wielerjack

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Hit winter out of the park with this supremely protective, well-priced, high performance winter riding jacket.
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  • NEOS LIGHT: The in-house developed tri-layer lightweight soft-shell constructed with a bonded PU membrane. Water-repellent and close fitting, this tech-savvy textile is waterproof to 10 m and highly breathable. Used on the upper sleeves and upper back (carré) as a windbreaker and waterproof shell.
  • NEOS ULTRA in twinDeck with RX: Assos' proprietary ultra-thin dual-layer soft-shell, constructed with a bonded PU membrane is used on the upper sleeves. Water-repellent, close-fitting and highly breathable.
  • RX: In two weights, deployed strategically as a lining and as the dorsal panel. A brushed bi-stretch warp knit fabric with wicking and thermoregulation performance.
  • Integrated neck protection: The latest evolution of the lauded neck protector created using thermal RX soft-shell. Now more ergonomic than ever, the neck protector can be subtly stowed in the elastic holder when not needed or pulled out for crucial moments to provided added warmth.
  • ‘Triple ramp’ concept pockets: Using all of the riding experiences Assos have created a new pocket design with the optimal height for ease of access. Thoroughly tested pocket design with a new, game-changing layout that ensures your contents are secure and stable regardless of your exertion. Internal seams fashion a barely there closure to keep your wares in check. For this winter jacket these now feature longer reflective stripes for enhanced visibility.
  • Rear stabilizer S7 knit: A mono-stretch material with minimal give in the vertical axis. The Assos rear stabilizer panel design allows for stable, high capacity pockets that won’t sag.
  • 2W waistWave construction: For a cleaner look and more ergonomic edges in the Sens Bicolor textile.
  • Raglan cut: Comfort-led sleeve design with a raglan cut for easy, free movement and reduced drag.
  • Full-length camLock zip: Slim, lightweight zip for individually adjusting to the conditions.
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