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The Deda Elementi “M35” handlebar and its stem TRENTACINQUE are the greatest innovation in the field of components for high performance road racing bicycles.

No handlebar in the world has such a diameter. The diameter is the main factor of magnitude in the moment of inertia of the section of the handlebar.

The moment of inertia is what defines the rigidity of your handlebars - what all riders are looking for, as insufficient stiffness causes dissipation of your precious energy.

The M35 is a single piece carbon fiber monocoque with different wall thicknesses to put more strength precisely where it is needed. The fiber used has features specifically designed for competition vehicles where a very high tensile strength is married to an extraordinary capacity for absorbing vibrations.

The larger diameter allows for better hand and lower specific pressure, resulting in reduced hand fatigue.

The stem TRENTACINQUE is a 3D 2014 alloy forging with different wall thicknesses. Use of the M35 and TRENTACINQUE gives an entirely different and completely new feel while riding.



Shape: RHM
Width: 42 - 44 - 46 cm (outside to outside)
Clamp diameter: 35 mm
Weight: 210 grams (42 cm)
Finish: carbon 3k, white matt, red glossy

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